About us

Rzeszów based band Kłusem z Blusem has played blues for more than 35 years and in its present line-up for about 17 years. The band, which plays mostly in clubs and pubs, presents different styles of blues but the West Coast style seems to be preferred by the musicians. The leader, Tomek Kiersnowski, who sings and plays the harmonica in the band, is considered to be one of the top blues musicians in Poland. The use of classic instruments, such as the guitar, the bass guitar, the drums, combined with recognizable harmonica sound, gives the band a unique character on the Polish blues scene.

In the years 1999, 2000, 2001 and 2002 the band was invited to play at RAWA BLUES Festival in Katowice. The success came in 2003 when Kłusem z Blusem  played on the main stage of festival alongside foreign blues stars. The band’s comeback to the festival took place on the venue’s smaller stage, twenty years later, in 2022

Kłusem z Blusem was invited to play at many blues festivals in Poland, such as Toruń Blues Meeting, Przeworsk Blues Festiwal, Harmonica Bridge in Toruń, Blues Express in Zakrzewo, Harp Friends with Tipsy Drivers, Ino Blues Festiwal in Inowrocław, Las&Woda&Blues, Summer Stage Blues Club Gdynia. In 2022, the band competed in the  Polish Blues Chalange at the Suwałki Blues Festiwal.

Kłusem z Blusem’s compositions follow closely West Coast blues with elements of swing. In its repertoire the band pays tribute to such masters as: Little Walter, Sonny Boy Williamson, Willaim Clarke, Rod Piazza, Kim Wilson or Gary Primich. The original lyrics are often replaced with Polish ones written by Zbyszek Działa and Tomek Kiersnowski.

From a the beginning, Provincial Cultuar Center in Rzeszów is a patron of the band.


Kłusem z Blusem’s line-up:

Tomek Kiersnowski – the harmonica, vocals

Sławek Rybczyński – the guitar

Wojtek Kwieciński – bass gitar, upright bass

Piotr Berdowski – drums


Discography “Kłusem z Blusem”:

„Z Rzeszowa przez Chicago do Kalifornii”, 2005, Omerta Art.

„Tradycyjnie”, 2006, KzB

„Wybrany przez bluesa”, 2020, KzB

„Swing&Jump&Blues”, 2023, KzB


Other Bands:

Tomek Kiersnowski – hca:

Zespół RSC, „Czas Wodnika”, 1996, PW Victor

Zespół RSC, „Parakletos”, 1997, Ars Mundi


 Tomek Kiersnowski’s guest appearance:

Tomek Kiersnowski – hca:

LATAMY, „Penetrator” 1995, STUFF, kaseta

Edyta Geppert „Pytania do Księżyca” 1997, Polygram, CD

Harmonijkowy Atak, „Harmonijkowy Atak” 2004, Omerta Art

Blues – J.J. Band i przyjaciele grają utwory Tadeusza Nalepy, 2010, Gut Music Records

Sławek Wierzcholski i Nocna Zmiana Bluesa, „Concerts in Rozmarino”, 2023


Kłusem z Blusem’s guest appearance:

„Chorzy na bluesa śpiewają utwory Sławka Wierzcholskiego”, 2003, Omerta Art


Kłusem z Blusem LIVE In SATYR BLUES 2005